An exhibition in the Museum for Art and Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan: June 21 - September 19, 2005

The idea behind the exhibition: to showcase the work and commitment of one of the few German designers to become famous in Japan in the 1980s and take this as the lever to present his oeuvre as a whole while also emphasizing the impact of Japan in the work of a truly magnetic German designer.

The impact of Japan: the re-focus on nature, the wish to strike a balance between nature and technology, the emphasis on form. What makes Colani’s work so fascinating when seen through Japanese eyes is the way he transposes these principles onto the modern technological world.

He watched how water flowed. New shapes for faucets arose. He studied how birds flew. New aerodynamic ideas took flight. He investigated how the hand functions. And more ergonomic appliances were born. This dovetailing of nature and design is a centuries-old tradition in Japan. Which is no doubt why in the 1980s the Japanese admiringly termed his work the “Biodesign of Tomorrow”. Not to forget the Romantic qualities such shapes breathe.

The famed Kyoto Institute of Technology is an ideal partner for the exhibition project, as it is in a superb position to do full justice to both the technological and cultural implications of Colani’s oeuvre.